Folders4Gmail fixed

Gmail made some very minor changes to their website (they renamed their Html-classes). Unfortunately, it was enough to break Folders4Gmail.

Please install the latest version of Folders4Gmail to make it work again.

Version 1.41 also works better with right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

For those of you using Better Gmail 2, I emailed about the update. So there should be an update for Better Gmail in a couple of days.

Sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, userscripts are very vulnerable to such small website changes.

[Update March 5th, 2009]
The update for Better Gmail is available now

10 Responses to Folders4Gmail fixed

  1. Jerry D. Hedden says:

    Please warn users to uninstall the old version of Folders4Gmail before installing the new version. I found both versions being run by GreaseMonkey which caused Firefox to churn up 100% CPU.

  2. Have you found this problem persists for everyone? I have noticed it seems to depend on if they have used the multiple inbox labs….

  3. You are right! The old version was not overridden 🙁

    I shouldn’t have changed the namespace.

    The problem is fixed now. Thanks a lot for finding it!

  4. mahvin says:

    I want to reiterate what Jerry said about the older script version. Be sure that the old script is deleted from your hard drive – AND -make sure there is no residual code left behind within greasemonkey before you load the new script, otherwise it won’t work.

  5. mahvin says:

    Oh, and one more thing. Thanks for the update, Arend. Good job. IMHO, this is the best Gmail script available. 😉

  6. Heiner Wolf says:

    What was the small change in the Gmail code? I have some custom GMail Greasemonkey scripts and they don’t work either. Would like to fix them as well.

  7. @Heiner
    What broke Folders4Gmail is that many of the html-classes (<div class=”…”>) in Gmail were renamed.
    If you use Firebug or DomInspector it should be easy to find the new class names.

  8. If there are updates, please post them as a separate post, so that we can pick it up on the RSS feed.


  9. Jerome Dane says:

    I would very much like to include Folders4Gmail in my Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures add-on ( Please drop me a line through the contact us form on my site if it would be alright:

  10. Rob says:

    Love Folders4Gmail, but I (and many others) truly miss the lost functionality since the update to Gmail’s labels format. Can we expect a fix at all, or should we just accept the new official format for the time being?

    Thanks for all you do. 🙂

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