Gmail Nested Labels Readme

How to use Nested Labels

Gmail added nested labels in April 2010.

To use Nested Labels:

  1. open the menu for an existing label and select Add sublabel

  2. create a child label

  3. your new child label will now display nested

How to convert an existing label to a child label

  1. open the menu for an existing label and select Edit

  2. select Nest label under and the parent label

Parent labels must exist as real labels in Gmail

If you have the labels Home/Family and Home/Vacation you also need a label Home. If you switch from Folders4Gmail or Better Gmail to Nested Labels, you have to create the parent labels.

Problem: The label Home is missing

Problem: The label Home/Shopping is missing

Nesting is case sensitive

In child labels, you must write the parentlabel name exactly as in the parentlabel. Finding parent labels is case sensitive. For example, a label HOME/Vacation will not recognize the label Home as its parentlabel.

Problem: The label HOME/Vacation does not match the case of the label Home.

Show emails in a label and all child labels with a userscript

Some users want to see all emails in a label and its child labels when they click the label’s name. Nested Labels doesn’t do this, but the LabelLinks userscript does.

If you LabelLinks it instead of Nested Labels, you can click on the little » marks right of label.

Rare problem with filters

Pay attention if you use label names in filters, for example:
Filter 1:

If email is from then apply label Home/Family

Filter 2:

If email is labeled home-family then apply label Home

If you want the filter to match any emails labeled Home/Family, you must search for labeled:home-family. You must spell the name of the label as it is shown in the search box, when you click on the label.

Note that this kind of filter is fragile, because it depends on the order of the filters in the filter view. Also Gmail gives you a warning if you create a filter like this.

How to get help with Nested Labels

If this Readme doesn’t help you, search the Nested Labels Google Group.

Ignore the announcement that new posts are disabled, they are not. When asking for help, it’s best to upload a screenshot that shows your problem. That makes it easier for other people to see what’s wrong.

Great News: Gmail now has Folders

Gmail just released the Nested Labels Lab Feature, which arranges labels like
as folders without the need for a userscript like Folders4Gmail.

I recommend that you uninstall Folders4Gmail and use the new Nested Labels Lab Feature instead.

It works well and the authors even took good care of the little details: The colors of the expanders change with the Gmail theme and parent folders which contain sub-folders with unread emails are shown as bold. Nice work!

5 tips for a smooth transition from Folders4Gmail

  1. Uninstall Folders4Gmail first
    (or disable the Folders4Gmail option in Better Gmail) Folders4Gmail does not work with the new lab feature.
  2. Pay attention to case-sensitivity
    With Folders4Gmail a label aaa could be the parent label of AAA/bbb. Not pretty but it worked. Now you need to spell the name of the parent label exactly the same, for example AAA and AAA/bbb.
  3. All parent labels must be real labels in Gmail
    With Folders4Gmail, if you had a label Family/Mum but no label Family, a fake Family label would automatically be created. This does not happen with the lab feature. All parent labels must exist as real labels in Gmail or your labels will be displayed strangely.
  4. Rename legacy label separators
    If you started using Folders4Gmail in 2007 and never bothered to rename your legacy separators Family\Mum to Gmail’s format Family/Mum, you have to rename them now.
  5. Old advice still applies
    I recommend that you go to Settings > Labels and select Show All. Hide your labels out of view either in a folder hierarchy or under the ## more link, not both.

After three years of maintaining Folders4Gmail, I’m very happy to see that Gmail finally added nesting to their labels. Definitely I won’t miss doing the half-yearly emergency fixes for Folders4Gmail after some Gmail update.
I think that is one of the reasons why Gmail is the best email service around today: Gmail keeps adding new features and constantly improves the service.

Let me say a big thank you to all the users of Folders4Gmail. In the last three years you guys wrote hundreds of encouraging emails and comments, found bugs in the script and volunteered to test new versions. Your positive feedback made maintaining Folders4Gmail a great experience for me 🙂

Folders4Gmail fixed (version 1.53)

Folders4Gmail works again after it broke because of an improvement to Gmail. This seems to happen every half a year or so…

Get the updated version from the Folders4Gmail page.

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to test the update! You made my life a lot easier. 🙂

On Recognizing Design Patterns with Crocopat

My bachelor thesis:

The program Crocopat was created – among other things – to find design patterns. But it has its own input format and cannot read Java source code directly. So it is hard to determine how good the program really is in finding design patterns.
The goal of this paper is to create a tool, which converts Java projects into Crocopat’s input format. Then different design patterns shall be tested to evaluate how well searching for design patterns with Crocopat really works.

Read the paper (pdf)

See the source code

Folders4Gmail works again

A week after Gmail added Drag and Drop to their labels, Folders4Gmail is working again. Get the latest version here.

Also, remember that you should select show all in Gmail’s Settings > Labels tab.
Show All
This is not strictly necessary for Folders4Gmail to work. But if you don’t select show all, half of your labels will hide in the sublabels and the other half under Gmail’sá More button.

Sorry to all of you who have waited patiently for the update. Unfortunately, this time fixing the script was much harder than usual.

The update (version 1.5) didn’t work with ths Gmail Labs Tasks feature. Fixed in version 1.51. Thanks to Scott Dafforn, who found the problem.

Update 2 (July 9, 2009) The updated script (version 1.5) used a lot of CPU time. Hopefully, the problem should be fixed now (version 1.52).

Google Docs Backup Demo

Update: Since October 2009 you should use Google Docs Batch Export instead.

Since last month the Google Docs Data API has support for downloading documents. Here’s a small demo that downloads 10 of your documents as a .zip file.

The demo will only download up to 10 documents and it won’t download documents bigger than 1 MB. This is because the demo runs on Google App Engine, which restricts the size and response time of HTTP-responses.

Try it out

  1. Follow this link
  2. Grant the demo access to your Google documents:
    Grant Access to your documents
  3. Wait for the download of the .zip file. This can take up to 60 seconds.
    Wait for the download

See the source code

Folders4Gmail fixed

Gmail made some very minor changes to their website (they renamed their Html-classes). Unfortunately, it was enough to break Folders4Gmail.

Please install the latest version of Folders4Gmail to make it work again.

Version 1.41 also works better with right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

For those of you using Better Gmail 2, I emailed about the update. So there should be an update for Better Gmail in a couple of days.

Sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, userscripts are very vulnerable to such small website changes.

[Update March 5th, 2009]
The update for Better Gmail is available now

Folders4Gmail now uses images from Gmail’s themes

Folders4Gmail got an update to version 1.4.

  • expander images are taken from the current Gmail theme to better fit in
  • instructions for using the script in Google Chrome with Greasemetal


You can get the new version from the Folders4Gmail page.

Minor Folders4Gmail update to version 1.37

  • Folders4Gmail now works when the the Gmail Labs setting “Hide unread count” is enabled.
  • Folders4Gmail now runs on IE7Pro for Internet Explorer. The other Greasemonkey-plugin for Internet Explorer, Turnabout from Reify, was unchanged for some years and now their website is shut down.

You can get the new version from the Folders4Gmail page.

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