Minor Folders4Gmail update to version 1.37

  • Folders4Gmail now works when the the Gmail Labs setting “Hide unread count” is enabled.
  • Folders4Gmail now runs on IE7Pro for Internet Explorer. The other Greasemonkey-plugin for Internet Explorer, Turnabout from Reify, was unchanged for some years and now their website is shut down.

You can get the new version from the Folders4Gmail page.

One Response to Minor Folders4Gmail update to version 1.37

  1. Lety says:

    I’m trying to use the folders4gmail. I know it would be really useful. It looks like a great script. But for some reason it just won’t work for me. I’ve tried reloading the page. Restarting Firefox. Disabling and re-enabling the script and it doesn’t work. Perhaps I just don’t know how to add a folder to a label. Can you help me? Is it possible it’s not compatible with another script? I’ve tried disabling some and trying again with no luck. Your suggestions will be much appreciated.


    Lety 😉

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