Ebay Feedback Notification Pipe

Get notified by RSS when you have new Ebay feedback.

Get feedback feed for ..

Warning: Incomplete feeds

If you get a lot of feedback, not all feedback will appear in the feed.

This pipe is for you, if you use Ebay occasionally only. If you wait for Ebay feedback and don’t want to check your feedback page manually each day. It’s a short announcement “Hey, there’s at least one new feedback”.

However, if you are a Powerseller and need a complete feed of every new feedback, this pipe doesn’t help.

Need more feeds? Get the userscript.

Q: You want more than one feed but don’t want to set up each one by hand?
A: The Ebay Feedback Notification userscript adds RSS links to each Ebay feedback page you visit. Just click to subscribe.

  1. Install Greasemonkey for Firefox
  2. Click here: Install Ebay Feedback Notification userscript

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