Folders4Gmail fixed (version 1.53)

Folders4Gmail works again after it broke because of an improvement to Gmail. This seems to happen every half a year or so…

Get the updated version from the Folders4Gmail page.

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to test the update! You made my life a lot easier. 🙂

7 Responses to Folders4Gmail fixed (version 1.53)

  1. Richard says:


    The updated script doesn’t work on my system under Chrome 5.0.307.11 beta under Mac OS 10.6.2. It works fine under Firefox 3.6.

    – Richard

  2. Richard says:

    Now it seems the script is working occasionally. It started working about half an hour ago, then stopped.

    – Richard

  3. Jim Reisert says:

    Did 1.53 fix any of the performance issues that 1.52 had?

  4. @Richard
    When Chrome 4 was in Beta, the script constantly switched working to not working and back.
    It might be the same with the Chrome 5 beta.

    No. If you had performance problems with version 1.52, you will probably still have them with 1.53.

  5. CJ says:

    Hi Arend,

    First off, great job on this extension! It makes my email workable again.

    I just experienced that some of the labels are getting transferred automagicly to the more section, making them disappear in the nested folder and on occasion the entire root of the nested folder.

    I tried to drag and drop the out of the more section but without succes. Neither is there a ¨unhide¨ option on these labels

    Is there a maximum amount of folders that one can set up this way?

    Any help or ideas on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

  6. @CJ
    Two suggestions:
    – “Show all” labels as described here
    – make sure you don’t use the “hide read labels” lab in Gmail

  7. JD says:

    Hi Arend, fyi

    This morning when I signed on to Firefox and Gmail at about 5:50 AM EST my Folders4Gmail was not working. Since then I have been trying unsuccessfully to download version 1.53 but the download is caught in a loop and will not complete.

    All other GMail functions except folders are working fine my internet is excellent and system works fine.

    I will attempt this later.