Folders4Gmail works again

A week after Gmail added Drag and Drop to their labels, Folders4Gmail is working again. Get the latest version here.

Also, remember that you should select show all in Gmail’s Settings > Labels tab.
Show All
This is not strictly necessary for Folders4Gmail to work. But if you don’t select show all, half of your labels will hide in the sublabels and the other half under Gmail’sá More button.

Sorry to all of you who have waited patiently for the update. Unfortunately, this time fixing the script was much harder than usual.

The update (version 1.5) didn’t work with ths Gmail Labs Tasks feature. Fixed in version 1.51. Thanks to Scott Dafforn, who found the problem.

Update 2 (July 9, 2009) The updated script (version 1.5) used a lot of CPU time. Hopefully, the problem should be fixed now (version 1.52).

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