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Gmail Nested Labels Readme

How to use Nested Labels Gmail added nested labels in April 2010. To use Nested Labels: open the menu for an existing label and select Add sublabel create a child label your new child label will now display nested How … Continue reading

Great News: Gmail now has Folders

Gmail just released the Nested Labels Lab Feature, which arranges labels like Family Family/Mum as folders without the need for a userscript like Folders4Gmail. I recommend that you uninstall Folders4Gmail and use the new Nested Labels Lab Feature instead. It … Continue reading

Folders4Gmail fixed (version 1.53)

Folders4Gmail works again after it broke because of an improvement to Gmail. This seems to happen every half a year or so… Get the updated version from the Folders4Gmail page. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to test the update! … Continue reading

On Recognizing Design Patterns with Crocopat

My bachelor thesis: Abstract The program Crocopat was created – among other things – to find design patterns. But it has its own input format and cannot read Java source code directly. So it is hard to determine how good … Continue reading

Folders4Gmail works again

A week after Gmail added Drag and Drop to their labels, Folders4Gmail is working again. Get the latest version here. Also, remember that you should select show all in Gmail’s Settings > Labels tab. This is not strictly necessary for … Continue reading

Google Docs Backup Demo

Update: Since October 2009 you should use Google Docs Batch Export instead. Since last month the Google Docs Data API has support for downloading documents. Here’s a small demo that downloads 10 of your documents as a .zip file. Limits … Continue reading

Folders4Gmail fixed

Gmail made some very minor changes to their website (they renamed their Html-classes). Unfortunately, it was enough to break Folders4Gmail. Please install the latest version of Folders4Gmail to make it work again. Version 1.41 also works better with right-to-left languages … Continue reading

Folders4Gmail now uses images from Gmail’s themes

Folders4Gmail got an update to version 1.4. New: expander images are taken from the current Gmail theme to better fit in instructions for using the script in Google Chrome with Greasemetal   You can get the new version from the … Continue reading

Minor Folders4Gmail update to version 1.37

Folders4Gmail now works when the the Gmail Labs setting “Hide unread count” is enabled. Folders4Gmail now runs on IE7Pro for Internet Explorer. The other Greasemonkey-plugin for Internet Explorer, Turnabout from Reify, was unchanged for some years and now their website … Continue reading

Ebay Feedback Notification Pipe

Get notified by RSS when you have new Ebay feedback.